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Partnering for prosperity: Education for green and inclusive growth, an extract from the 2016 GEM Report, launched last month at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. It describes the transformative role that education and lifelong learning can play in fostering green and inclusive growth. The Director-General wrote an opinion piece on the WEF website, How do we skill our kids for tomorrow’s green economy? leading to over 3000 downloads of the publication in just a week. 
Last month, the GEM Report also released its first policy paper for 2017 in order to feed into an international symposium in South Korea on School Violence and Bullying: From Evidence to Action, with more than 250 participants from 70 countries. The paper, Let’s decide how to monitor school-related violence, looks at an array of measuring tools for school-related violence and the lack of harmony between them. It suggests three options for finding convergence across the tools in order to have a more comparable picture of the prevalence of the issue and help feed into the thematic indicator for Target 4a. Multilingual resources 

The full 2016 GEM Report is now available in French .

The Summary of the 2016 Report is also now available in all 6 UN languages, as well as in GermanFarsiHindiIndonesianKhmerLaoNepalesePortugueseUrduThai and Vietnamese. The Japanese, Korean and Swahili versions will be available in the coming months.

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Journal: International Labor and Working-Class History

"Workers' Education and the Global Labor Movement"

Issue editors: Michael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman

Senior Editors' Note: "Workers’ education is the main theme of ILWCH 90. Education played a key role in the elaboration of the imagination, the discourses, and the claims that were the foundation of working-class politics. Yet, this vital dimension of the la- boring experience has been relatively neglected by historians. By assembling these diverse but related articles, Michael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman have revealed the central place of education in workers’ lives and expectations over the last two centuries. The significance of the research presented in this issue is all the more important because, as the editors’ emphasize in their introduction, workers’ education is neglected today as trade unions grapple with shrinking re- sources and more immediately pressing imperatives in a rapidly neoliberalizing world in which workers’ rights and benefits come under constant attack"

▶️  download the articles below




Table of Contents / click on PDF to read and download

PDF fileFranco Barchiesi, Prasannan Parthasarathi and Peter Winn (63 kB)
"Senior Editors’ Note"
PDF fileMichael Merrill and Susan J. Schurman (98 kB)
"Toward a General Theory and Global History of Workers’ Education"
PDF filePetros Gougoulakis (184 kB)
"Popular Adult and Labor Education Movement in Sweden––History, Content, Pedagogy"
PDF fileAndrew J.H. Jackson (251 kB)
"The Cooperative Movement and the Education of Working Men and Women: Provision by a Local Society in Lincoln, England, 1861–1914"
PDF fileJenny Jansson (196 kB)
"Class Formation in Sweden and Britain: Educating Workers"
PDF fileDimitra Lampropoulou (236 kB)
"Working Youth and Education in Postwar Greece: Night Schools as Arenas of Political Struggle and Cultural Practices"
PDF fileGabriela Scodeller (207 kB)
"Political Training and Social Change in the 1960s and 1970s: The Educational Activities of the Latin American Central of Workers (CLAT)"
PDF fileJohn Grayson (225 kB)
"Developing the Politics of the Trade Union Movement: Popular Workers’ Education in South Yorkshire, UK, 1955 to 1985"
PDF fileJonathan Grossman (172 kB)
""A School within a School of War: Workers Making Learning and Teaching about History""
PDF fileDorothy Sue Cobble (139 kB)
"International Women's Trade Unionism and Education"
PDF fileNamrata Bali (125 kB)
"Naam, Kaam, Gaam: Educating Women for Self-Employment, Cooperation and Struggle"
PDF fileAslak Leesland (113 kB)
"The Norwegian Workers' Education Association: A Midwife of Labor's Breakthrough in Norway"
PDF fileDanny Roberts and Lauren Marsh (116 kB)
"Labor Education in the Caribbean: A Critical Evaluation of Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad"
PDF file Célia Regina Vendramini, Janaina Stronzake, Judite Stronzake, Sérgio Paulo Morais (96 kB)
"Challenges of Working-Class Education at Present: The Landless Workers’ Movement Experience in Brazil"
PDF fileKirsten Pohl and Klaus-Peter Hufer (69 kB)
"An Interview with Oskar Negt (2004)."
PDF fileGeorges Duveau Michael Hanagan (81 kB)
"Class Formation and Workers’ Attitudes toward Education: La Pensée Ouvrière (1948)"
PDF fileLeonard N. Rosenband (323 kB)
"The Industrious Revolution: A Concept Too Many?"
PDF fileAli Sipahi (240 kB)
"Convict Labor in Turkey, 1936–1953: A Capitalist Corporation in the State?"
PDF fileMarcel van der Linden (110 kB)
"The Growth of a European Network of Labor Historians"


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