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Foundation Skills for Social Change (FSSC) Certificate Programme


The Foundation Skills for Social Change Certificate Programme (FSSC) consists of courses which build the capacity of grassroots leaders in trade unions and community organisations. In 2017, IFWEA will offer courses on women’s leadership; youth civic and political mobilisation; participatory learning and research methods; and organising for the social protection of vulnerable workers.▶️  read more





Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP)  Leadership School

IFWEA’s Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) is an annual event which takes place in the last quarter of the year at the IFWEA Secretariat’s offices in Community House in Cape Town. The school targets young educators, trade union and youth leaders between the ages of 18 – 35 years. YGAP has been convened annually since 2012 and has thus far developed 92 young internationalists from 13 different countries. YGAP is a transformational learning experience, designed to build a global knowledge community of worker educators and labour organisers who share a common understanding of global challenges and solidarity.

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Study Circles for Social Change (SCSC) Programme

The Study Circles for Social Change Programme (SCSC) supports the development of study circles among grassroots leaders of trade unions and community organisations through training and mentoring study circle facilitators. Participants in this programme are able to act for positive social advancement based on their own interest and needs through democratic, participatory informal learning in study circles. ▶️  read more