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Foundation Skills for Social Change Certificate Programme

 Foundation skills to organise and build solidarity is a pre-requisite for trade unions to achieve the changes they want to see. There is a need to review the foundation skills required for shop stewards and grassroots activists in a world of work with increasing flexibility, informality and precarious employment or livelihood work. The changes to work is threatening the existence of democratic trade unions and their ability to represent and be the voice of workers. The Foundation Skills For Social Change Certificate Courses are freely accessible on the IFWEA Online Labour Academy and are participative, practical and seeks to build knowledge based on the experience of participants. They focus on building the confidence and capacity of grassroots representatives so that they can lead and activate members to bring about the change they want. This initiative encourages building local knowledge through global cooperation and building global networks between grassroots representatives to lay strong local foundations for the global labour movement. (the full list of courses will be uploaded shortly)

In 2017, IFWEA will run the course titled Participatory Learning Methods For Building Solidarity Through Study Circles with  participants from 10 affiliates.  For more information on and access to designing and delivering courses on the Online Labour Academy please contact or visit the OLA site at

Study Circles for Social Change

 Study Circles allow participants to learn about how to change their conditions at work, in their communities or their lives as grassroots activists in an informal, interactive and participative manner, IFWEA promotes study circles within organisations to improve their organisational strategies to recruit and represent members through running a study circle facilitators course. For more information on this programme please contact and visit the Study Circles for Social Change Facebook page.

Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP)  Leadership School

The Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) young people in the labour movement in the North to key organizations  in the South. These organisations are pioneering innovative campaigns, approaches and solutions to meet 21st century challenges to organised labour. YGAP aims to provide its delegates with a transformational learning experience through the informed and purposeful interaction of young Nordic worker educators and labour leaders with leaders and members of organisations in the labour movement in the south responding to inequalities and socio-economic challenges brought about by changes to the world of work.

It is designed to boost the confidence and enhance the critical and active role of young educators in education activities of their organisations. Through this programme participants help to build the Global Knowledge Community to understand and produce education that will meet 21st century challenges of the global labour movement. If your organisation would like to send a young participant to this School or if you have any questions about the programme and costs please contact