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Online Labour Academy (OLA)

SEWA using the Online Labour Academy
LEARN in Philippines
OLA training by CENAC in Bolivia
OLA - LEF Pakistan with tutor Khalid Mahmood
Labour Research Service (LRS) OLA trainees, South Africa
CLASS Nepal OLA participants in Kathmandu Nepal
The internet is the most powerful and effective solution for the community of labor, political and social activists to access the cumulative knowledge of decades of labor education and research and begin to develop the answers to challenges facing labour and civil society.

 Historically  IFWEA and its members have initiated innovative and creative activities in the utilisation of communications technology to develop new methods of teaching and learning - from international study circles; to e-learning for distance education; interactive platforms for social learning and website design and education through video and radio. Its latest innovation, the IFWEA Online Labour Academy (OLA), will provide an online curricular, which can also be adapted for face-to-face workshops, for adult and labour educations to utilise in their education activities. 

The IFWEA Online Academy was launched in 2012 at the ABF Sweden Jubilee celebrations in Stockholm.


Participating Organisations

Organisations participating in OLA include the CLASS Nepal (Nepal), CENAC (Bolivia), Labour Research Service (LRS, Africa), Labour Education and Research Network (LEARN, Philippines), Labour Education Foundation (LEF, Pakistan), IFWEA Secretariat (South Africa, Sweden, Finland and Norway), International Transport Federation (ITF, Global Union), Programa Laboral de Desarrolla (PLADES, Peru) and Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA, India)


OLA Courses
  • CLASS Nepal, Nepal: “Building Democratic and Women Friendly Trade unions”
  • CENAC, Bolivia “Political and Social Advocacy / Incidencia  política y social”
  • LEARN, Philippines “Building Democratic and Women Friendly Trade unions”
  • LEF, Pakistan “Building Democratic Trade Unions”
  • LRS, South Africa “Basic Information and Communication Skills for Collective Bargaining”, "Study Circles Programme", "South Africa Tutor Training", "National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa)"
  • IFWEA Secretariat "Youth Globalisation and Awareness Programme YGAP"
  • ITF, UK/ Global “Climate Change and Transport Workers”, "Climate Change for Young Workers", "Introduction to Climate Change for Urban Transport Unions", "Women Bus Drivers Driving To Equality"
  • PLADES, Peru “Advocacy and Communication for Workers in Informal Economy / Comunicación para la Incidencia”, "Sostenibilidad y recaudación de fondos para líderes de organizaciones de base / Sustainability and fundraising for Grassroots Leaders", "Collective Bargaining / Negociación Colectiva", "Saber para negociar / Skills for Negotiation"
  • SEWA Academy, India "SEWA Movement and Evolution of SEWA Banyan Tree"“Developing and Strenthening of Member-based Organisation of the Poor" "Leadership and Organising” 
If you are interested in using the Online Labour Academy for your organisation's education work, feel free to contact Saliem Patel at on how to get involved!


UK and GLOBAL: International Transport Federation
PERU: PLADES - Online Academy Project Managing Organisation
SOUTH AFRICA: Labour Research Services
SWEDEN: Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (the Workers’ Educational Association)
PHILIPPINES: Labor Education and Research Network
PAKISTAN: Labour Education Foundation
NEPAL: Centre for Labour And Social Studies Nepal
INDIA: Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA)


The OLOF PALME INTERNATIONAL CENTER (OPIC) is a supporting partner of the IFWEA Online Academy.

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