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General Secretary Sahra Ryklief In Sweden and Norway


"GS Sahra Ryklief is currently travelling in Europe. Starting with Sweden. She attended the ABF i Norden conference this week and presented input at the Annual Meeting of the Olof Palme International Center in Sweden. ▶️ read more...



With affiliate member ABF's International President Niklas Skeppar visited fellow member AOF Norge in Oslo. "After our meeting with AOF GS Tove Johansen , AOF historian Arthur Danielsen took us on a tour of Oslo's historic buildings. We ended at the magnificent City Hall, where the Nobel prizes are awarded."

They had coffee with former IFWEA Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) participants Stian Juell Sandvik and Katrin at the juice bar opposite the LO Stat building, where both of them have offices at their respective trade unions.

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