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SOUTH AFRICA "Towards an Education Association" Workshop, Cape Town 11th to 12th March 2017


The 'Study Circles for Social Change' programme held a workshop with 25 study circle facilitators for 2 days. The study circle facilitators engaged about the need, structure and programme of the association they would like to establish.

The 'Study Circles for Social Change' programme held a workshops on the 11-12 March 2017with 25 study circle facilitators in Cape Town. The aim of the workshop was to provide the facilitators with the space to discuss the formation of a membership based education association that would promote study circles among workers and community members and to train increasing numbers of study circle facilitators to start study circles that assist participants to make the change they want to bring about.



The two days were used by the facilitators to have dialogue on the following critical questions:

What are the objectives and activities of the association?

What would be the values of the association?

How would the association be structured?

What would be the roles and responsibilities of members?

What should be in the Code of Conduct?

What kind of executive committee would it have and what would its role be?


Members kept the programme going with dancing, drama, poetry and singing. A group were nominated to plan the next step.


In the meantime study circles continue to be formed and news is shared on the website http:/


You can join the study circles community on Facebook here