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FINLAND: Työväen Sivistysliitto (TSL) Finland "”Working life ICT skills in the field of trade” by Katri Söder


'TSL is involved in the ”Working life ICT skills in the field of trade” project. This project will research and develop workers ICT skills.'

'We have 6 steps:

1.    Skills testing in four different areas: basic computer skills, equipment knowledge, information searching skills and communication skills. This test is done via the Internet.

2.    The computer system creates a personal training plan based on the results of the test.

3.    TSL offers online and classroom training based on the needs.

4.    Skills are tested again to assess the effectiveness of training and learning outcomes.

5.   Resulting im more knowledgeable, productive and motivated employees.

6.    TSL will get the tools, and access to training model, for the future."