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GLOBAL: "REPORT on "International Ministerial Meeting on Education Sector Responses to Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression" by Louise Walsh


Louise Walsh is Founder and Chair of the Berger-Marks Foundation. 'Elin Lilijenbladh, board member of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO) advocated “a non-critical approach to sex education: “We don’t have to be the same to be equal.”

“Homophobic bullying does not start in schools,” she said. “It starts in society. All are affected: the bully, the target” and the wider community. A short IGLYO video, “No More Hiding”, told stories of youth in Mexico, Moldavia, the Middle East, the United States and Sweden.

A second short film said that 70 percent of LGBT students surveyed in the United States felt unsafe in schools, 68 percent in Europe. To end school homophobic violence, we need a ‘whole school’ response, the film argued.”


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