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A world where all working people have access to lifelong learning opportunities which enable them to claim and exercise their inalienable democratic rights, responsibilities and freedoms as global citizens.


                                                                Our Aim

To Build a Global Knowledge Community which facilitates global co-operation between worker educators so as to advance the frontiers of knowledge, education methodology and practises of democratic worker organisations promoting freedom, justice and equality for all. 



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IFWEA Affiliate and Secretariat News

USA: Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR)

"The Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) named Adrienne Eaton, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, a 2017 LERA Fellow in recognition of her research on union and worker participation in management decision-making; neutrality and card check agreements in union organizing; and other key labor issues. She accepted the award at LERA’s 69th annual conference in Anaheim, California on June 3."

EUROPE: Solidar New publication "Progressive lab for sustainable development: From vision to action"

"The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in September 2015, sets out the framework for achieving, by 2030, a sustainable development model where no one is left behind and where planetary boundaries are respected. The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are universal as they apply to all countries at all levels of development."

GLOBAL - SOUTH AFRICA "Maritime cabotage in spotlight at international ITF conference"

"An ITF conference dedicated to maritime cabotage will be held in Cape Town this Sunday (4 June). Maritime unions from around the world will be part of the event looking at the global strategy to assure decent terms and conditions continue in communities that were built on domestic jobs and determine where cabotage can be expanded or developed. "

NEPAL: CLASS Nepal "Study Circle Training - Online Labour Academy"

Goma Pandey of CLASS Nepal, a graduate of IFWEA's Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) in 2016 is facilitating training on the study clrcle methodology, participating in the course means online learning on IFWEA's Online Labour Academy (OLA).

SOUTH AFRICA: "Making Your Mark (MYM) - Cape Town Be Heard Youth Human Rights Ambassadors graduate"

Targeting young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years, the project aims to make equality and human rights real for young people through equipping them to promote political participation for youth social justice and inclusion. Here is the group on Sunday 21st May, at their last workshop. Joining them is Tajma Sisic, Olof Palme International Center intern at IFWEA - who has been a project assistant on MYM.

SOUTH AFRICA: Study Circles for Social Change - Facilitator Training Workshops

"In the training, study circle facilitators covered these subjects: What is Education? / The Differences of Formal and Informal Education / The Different Forms of Worker / Popular Education / What is a Study Circle - The Components? / What is Participatory Democracy versus Representative Democracy? / Participatory Democracy is Central to Study Circles / The Role of the Study Circle Leader / Characteristics of the Study Circle Participants. The training ended with drafting study circle plans to be activated by facilitators."

SOUTH AFRICA - ZIMBABWE - SWEDEN: Dialogues with Affiliates and Labour Service Organisations.

"IFWEA's Programme Manager Saliem Patel travelled to Zimbabwe with OPIC Intern Tajma Sisic to engage with affiliates and labour service organisations - including Labour & Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe, Ishmael Nedziwe College of Labour Studies, Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) and Patsime Trust."

GLOBAL - IRELAND "IFWEA's Making Your Mark' Youth Human Rights Ambassadors Programme holds its project meeting."

IFWEA's "Making Your Mark" Youth Human Rights Ambassadors Programme holds its project meeting in Ireland. General Secretary Sahra Ryklief reports on the presentations by Maura Adshead from Ireland, Monica Falzon from Malta on their youth organisation, Joan Arches from the College of Public and Community Service from UMass Boston in the USA on their youth development work, Ewa Lantz from ABF Sweden presents on the organisation's education, and Mia Malmgren of Sweden presents the global school of the Young Eagles.

General Secretary Sahra Ryklief In Sweden and Norway

"GS Sahra Ryklief is currently travelling in Europe. Starting with Sweden. She attended the ABF i Norden conference this week and presented input at the Annual Meeting of the Olof Palme International Center in Sweden. ▶️ read more...

SRI LANKA: Institute For Sociall Development "Annual Convocation & Diploma Award Ceremony – 2017 (National Institute of Social Development)"

'34 graduands of Bachelor of Social Work will be conferred the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and 213 students who have successfully completed the Diploma in Counselling will be awarded their Diploma Certificates at this Ceremony.'

DANMARK "AOF: Overvej ekspertgruppens anbefalinger grundigt"- John Meinert Jacobsen.

"DEBAT: Regeringen bør tænke sig grundigt om, før den kaster sig ud i det eksperiment, som ekspertudvalget foreslår med sine anbefalinger til, hvordan man får flere unge til at tage en ungdomsuddannelse," skriver AOF's direktør, John Meinert Jacobsen.

USA: United Association for Labor Education (UALE) Annual Conference "Rethink, Rebuild, Revitalize: Education, Labor, Community" Detroit, Michigan April 5-8, 2017

"IFWEA President Sue Schurman and General Secretary Sahra Ryklief addressed the conference on education for global solidarity as part of a panel the panel are moderator Elise Bryant and contributors Kent Wong from UCLA labor Centre and Shawna Bader-Blau from the Solidarity Centre of the AFL-CIO."

GLOBAL - SOUITH AFRICA / IRELAND: "IFWEA launches the project in Limerick and Cape Town"

"This year IFWEA launches the Making your Mark project. Targeting young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years, the project aims to make equality and human rights real for young people through equipping them to promote political participation for youth social justice and inclusion."

GLOBAL - BOLIVIA Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) - Educator Profile: Yoshida Quinteros, Bolivia

“We have so much in common, in the end we all are human and live in the same world.” This is what Yoshida Quinteros discovered while attending YGAP in 2016. In this interview she tells us how she started doing education work, and why it is important for her to translate the lyrics of the solidarity song #ICANTKEEPQUIET into Spanish.

GLOBAL - SWEDEN Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) - Educator Profile: Jenny Andersson, Sweden

"Together we are strong!" says Jenny Andersson, who attended YGAP in 2016. In this profile she talks with us about her work as a popular educator, co-ordinating and facilitating study circles - and exploring using creativity to educate on democratic practice.

BOLIVIA "#ICANTKEEPQUIET" Song in Solidarity with the Women's Movement in USA and Globally - Spanish Translation by Yoshida Quinteros, Bolivia

ESPAÑOL: "...No puedo callar, no oh oh / No puedo callar, no oh oh / Un motín de una mujer, oh oh oh / No puedo callar / Por nadie / Nunca más..."

GLOBAL / ARGENTINA "The #ITFyouth conference has wrapped up in Argentina. Watch young transport workers from your region and section in action..."

"La Conferencia de la Juventud ITF ya ha concluido en Argentina. Vean a los trabajadores del transporte de sus regiones y secciones en plena acción... La conférence des jeunes de l'ITF en Argentine vient de se terminer. Regardez les jeunes travailleuses et travailleurs de votre section ou votre région à l'œuvre! #itfyouth... #WeAreITF #SomosITF #NousSommesITF"

INDIA - THAILAND: Indian Academy for Self Employed Women (IASEW)

'A group of 28 delegates from Homenet Thailand visited Indian Academy For Self Employed women on 20th March 2017.'


"The affiliate of StreetNet International in Tanzania (TUICO) and VIBINDO, an organization of economic operators in the informal sector in Tanzania, benefited from training courses on collective bargaining in the informal economy, organized from 21 to 25 February 2017 at the Msimbazi Centre in Dar Es Salam."

SOUTH AFRICA - Women on Farms Project Protest

"After Francois Smit's interim interdict to prevent the community's right to lawful protest was suspended in the High Court, the community have vowed to have daily pickets outside his BP garage. Mr Smit and his expensive teams of lawyers and advocates should note that the Gatherings Act allows pickets of 15 or fewer people without giving notice."

SOUTH AFRICA "Towards an Education Association" Workshop, Cape Town 11th to 12th March 2017

The 'Study Circles for Social Change' programme held a workshop with 25 study circle facilitators for 2 days. The study circle facilitators engaged about the need, structure and programme of the association they would like to establish.

GLOBAL - SOUTH AFRICA: International Women's Day (IWD) "ICANTKEEPQUIET" Study Circle in Solidarity with Women's Movement in USA and Globally

The "ICANTKEEPQUIET" study circle commemorated IWD in Cape Town at Community House by singing the Womens' March on Washington Solidarity Anthem that they have been learning.


YGAP "Postcards from the South" 2016

SOUTH AFRICA - IFWEA's 5th annual Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) took place at the Secretariat in Cape Town South Africa from Sunday 30th October to Saturday 12th November 2016. The Nordic School and the Foundation Leadership Skills School programmes were based at the Secretariat at Community House in Salt River, Cape Town. The YGAP participants produced "Postcards from the South" to chronicle their experience.

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Weekly Labour News

UGANDA: "Ugandan domestic workers stuck between poverty wages at home and extreme exploitation abroad" by Evelyn Lirri

"Every year tens of thousands of Ugandan women leave their country to work abroad, particularly to Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar where they work as nannies, cooks and house helps. But exploitation and abuse is rife, with many falling victim to trafficking and serious abuse at the hands of fake recruitment agencies and unscrupulous employers."

BULGARIA: "Meet the EU pensioners living on €82 a month" by Nevena Borisova

"Eighty-five year old Nedyalka Arabadzhieva lives in the northern Bulgarian mountain city of Veliko Tarnovo. After working with the postal service for most of her professional life, she now survives on a monthly pension of 161 Bulgarian lev (approximately €82 or US$90)."

VENEZUELA: "Maduro’s gamble: all or nothing" by Tamara Adrián

'Since the beginning of April this year a massive street movement has emerged, with marches, protests and other forms of non-violent action. Faced with thousands of people out on the streets, the regime had only one response: violent repression. It is both directly by the National Guard and the National Police, and indirectly through the use of paramilitary groups, armed by the government since 2002 and known as “collectives”, who enforce repression by means of firearms.'

PERU: "Endemic corruption sweeps Peru, from the public service to the presidency" by Jérémy Joly

“The biggest problem is the administrative corruption. It is massive here. Some do it to get rich, but most of the time it’s about networking. Public servants have short contracts, so they have to think about what they are going to do next.”

CZECH REPUBLIC "The battle for gender equality rages on in the Czech Republic" by Clare Speak

"On the outskirts of the eastern Czech city of Brno, Jana Molková is sitting in the kitchen of her small flat, searching for jobs online. She’s been unemployed for the past six months after losing her cleaning job at a nearby factory. “I lost that job because they wanted me to work longer hours and I couldn’t do it,” she explains. “I have to collect my son from school, cook the meals, and everything else. It wasn’t possible. So now we survive somehow.” Jana’s husband left suddenly two years ago and since then she’s been bringing up their two sons, aged three and eight, alone."

FINLAND: "Record low number of labour disputes in 2016" by Heikki Jokinen)

"There were only 69 labour disputes in Finland in 2016, Statistics Finland reports. The number of lost working days was 6,584. To find similar figures in Finland one has to go back to the 1960's. In 2015, the figures were much higher: 163 labour disputes with 108,911 working days lost. In 2016, in 36 per cent of the disputes, the reason was employers’ plans to cut staff or the threat of redundancies. This often led to protest action by employees, like walkouts, to express concern over employer plans."